Guns featured in RAID short film

So after watching episodes of Battlestate's RAID an innumerate number of times, I decided to thoroughly check what weapon each member of the BEAR squad was using and to see if it was possible to build exact or close replicas of their "tools". Thus, I decided to make this neat and concise list of the guns they used and what parts you'll need, should you choose to replicate them, as well as providing snapshots of their guns in film for reference.As a side note, I'm rather pleased that the builds seen in the film are all relatively comfortable to use in the current meta and don't cause frustration, so I guess that's a thumbs up to the team that was building and providing those kits to the actors! Also, a surprising amount of them are 7.62 chambered AK, instead of 74s that I initially thought they used.

P.S: Athlete's gun is not listed due to it being almost an exact copy of Serb's 74. Barmaley's gun is also not quite true to depiction, since he's using what seems to be the new Russian ORSIS T-5000 (or something similar), which is not in the game currently.


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