Halt my fellow Vikings, patience and respect are the virtues of Valhalla’s warriors

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As you have seen a lot of Vikings have been questioning and criticizing the rework that the food system we got with heart and home

As a warrior that has traveled the lands and seas of Valheim I know the importance of a well nourished Viking and with the rebalance that the Allfadir has done to food some things have proven to be a bit over nerfed or the system overall not totally optimized for the changes

But we as warriors choosen by the gods and as we wait patiently for the valkyries to carry us to Valhalla we should wait patiently for tweaks and for changes that could bring stability to this new system in the lands of the gods

And as we honor those who rise and fall with respect, we should do the same to our beloved developers, they worked hard to get us this update and we should remember they are not perfect they make mistakes but they also can correct those mistakes

So give time to them and give feedback they will need it to be enlightened by Odin's wisdom but do so with the respect they deserve for creating this amazing game we all love

May the Allfadir watch over you

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