Having trouble with SBiH on Interchange? Read this.

You don't have to camp extracts or mall signage stairs to get your 100m headshots. In fact, all the best places are actually inside the mall. Here are some spots you are sure to find success:

  • 2nd Floor, West Hall, North end to Techlight / vise versa
  • 2nd Floor, Hall at top of South Iowah stairs to Techlight
  • 2nd Floor, North circular balcony to South circular balcony
  • 2nd Floor, top of East escalator to bay window or main entrance
  • 2nd Floor, bay window rafters to outside or Iowah tent
  • 1st Floor, Iowah tent to main entrance
  • 1st Floor, Emercom to Ras / vise versa (boxes between Ras and Avocado
  • 1st Floor, IDEA trains to North side IDEA / vise versa
  • 1st Floor, Iowah Shipping Hall

Personal favorite Loudout is Supressed SVD with tac30 shooting 7N1. First shot is easiest. If you miss, don't spam. Let them settle, they might give you another easy shot thinking they are safe.

Hope this helps! GLHF

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ibwd08/having_trouble_with_sbih_on_interchange_read_this/

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