Help for New and Existing Players for Levels 1-10

I've seen a lot of posts on here recently from new or newer players complaining about the grind from levels 1-10, and I totally get the complaints. Low level Tarkov is like getting kicked in the balls repeatedly. No good ammo to kill players, no gear to protect yourself, no idea how much stuff on the flea is worth, etc. I figured I would throw together a guide for some of you guys that may be struggling.


This is by far the easiest way to get xp. It levels you up faster than anything else. Focus on tasks, learn the spawns for items that need to be found in raid early (Salewa, MP-133, 3M Armor, Toz, etc.) and remember you can use your scav run to get these items.

-Sell stuff to traders.

Leveling up traders is the most cost effective way to get good gear fast, NOT the Flea Market. If it's 25% less money to sell to traders than the market, don't horde it until you have no more space, SELL IT! Getting to that money spent goal with each trader is vital to mid- late game success.

-Don't horde your money.

SPEND IT! Get the best gear you can and give yourself the best chance for survival, nothing sucks more than getting clapped by a shotty scav because you didn't spend 28k on a Paca that would have protected you from the shell, or even the 22k for a Dick helmet. Pistol runs do you no good in trying to get to level 10. If you zero out, that's okay, at least you gave yourself the best chance you could. Now go do some scav runs and get all that crap back!

-Insure everything,

Players above level 15 or so aren't going to pick up PACA's or most crappy gear that low level players get stuck with. INSURE IT! You'll probably get it back!


This at the very least is a free loadout, at best it's stuff you need FIR for quests, Use scavs and use them often. Don't go getting yourself into fights with your scav however. The goal is to get out alive.

-Avoid PvP when Possible.

I understand that this is not always possible and may not be the most enjoyable either, but until you have a reliable source of income, don't go looking for conflict. The goal is quest completion and level 10, that's it. PERIOD. Just like driving, we want to Arrive Alive (in your inventory that is).

-Learn from every death.

This is what needs to happen after EVERY death, not some, or a few, or only to level 10, but EVERY death. What did you do wrong? Could you have done something different? Did you get caught in the open? Miss a sound cue? Have you died there before? Always learn something, and if all else fails…

-Ask for help!

There is nothing wrong with asking for help, if all hope is lost, get on discord, join EFT_LFG and plea for some assistance! There are plenty of us players who have a ton of experience and enjoy teaching others what we know.

Now go out there and win! GL fellas


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