Here are some of my suggestions and some feedback I gathered while playing this amazing game

– Boss offering items such as ancient seeds, withered bones, dragon eggs, etc should be more useful. After you use them to summon a boss they become useless clutter.

They should have some use outside of summoning bosses such as the cost of upgrading items, unlocking special building options for your base and the ability to plant some of them (ancient seed).

– Speaking of seeds, Oaks, Birch, and the rest of the trees should drop their seeds and be planted just like Beech trees and Pines. Maybe that is where ancient seeds should come in? Plant an ancient seed and an ancient dree will grow. To avoid ancient bark farming maybe ancient trees that we plant should drop fine wood or just regular wood?

– More things to cultivate and farm. Berries would be nice to be able to be planted and picked once they grow. Plantable Apple trees as well. You could cook the apples and make apple pies, cider or ale or eat them raw for a small amount of HP like berries.

– More enemies and animals to hunt: Bears in the black forest that can maul you just like in real life, foxes and rabbits that you can hunt in the meadows, more creatures and races from Norse mythology such as Light/Dark Elves, Dwarves, Jotun, Fenrir, Jormungandr, Daemons in Ashlands biome, maybe Frost Trolls or Jotuns in the Far North biome and much more.

– More domesticated animals. Chickens that can lay eggs which you can later cook and craft meals from. Similar to how you craft stews using various ingredients. Since Lox can be domesticated but they don't give anything at the moment they can give milk with which we can craft cheese.

– Speaking of domestication, more animal companions that can help you in battle like wolves can at the moment. Bears or Lox come to mind.

– Bags or backpacks that you can craft early game and carry on your back that expands your inventory space but also makes you a bit slower. Like a mini cart except it would obviously give you less space than a cart but you would be a bit faster.

– Mounts that we can ride to cover ground a bit faster. This would make long treks from one end of the continent to the other feel a little less tedious. For example, Horses/Lox that can be domesticated and then ridden. Obviously, they should be balanced to make exploration still enjoyable and rewarding such as not being able to wear any backpacks while mounted.

– Carts that could also be attached to mounts to help with steep hills when they are filled with resources. To make this more balanced too, players should not be able to wear any backpacks while mounted or with an attached carriage for obvious reasons. Players would need to choose carefully between a backpack or a carriage with a mount.

A backpack would offer less inventory space but would be safer while a carriage attached to the horse would offer more space but would be riskier.

For example, it could be raided/destroyed by the upcoming Svatalfar brigands mentioned in the roadmap if left unprotected or it would need repairs and roads for a smoother ride. Players should also be encouraged to feed the horses so that they get stamina and HP buffs. And new building options for building shelter/stables for our mounts as well.

– Shared map between group members. Something like a toggle so that people in your group can see your exploration and markers that you put. This would make coordination with your group much easier and more enjoyable.

– Spears need more range! They are not that great at the moment in my opinion. They should have the biggest weapon range along with atgeirs.

– Players should be able to get some of the arrows back after killing an enemy. I say some because it would not be ok to pick up all of the arrows and not have to craft more due to balance reasons.

– The ability to deconstruct items and get back the materials. This would promote more weapon experimentation without punishing the players by having them waste a ton of precious resources to get their perfect weapon. For example, I really wanna try out the two-handed iron axe but I heard from some players that it is not worth the investment because it is too slow and does not deal much damage. They may be wrong but I would not waste away 30 iron just to find out when the iron is scarce already. If we can already refund everything we build why can't we refund weapons and armour?

– More unique RPG-like items with bonuses and penalties in their stats. Maybe even some unique stats that we see with items from a merchant.

– Disable the ability to cheat entirely. No console commands. I honestly don't understand why cheats are even a thing in a survival game like this but it needs to go. You should be encouraged to think ahead and prepare for your expeditions or rescue missions not cheat your way out of a challenging situation.

My groupmates keep bugging me to cheat when things don't go their way and I always tell them no. Good thing I hosted the server otherwise they would constantly spam cheats via console commands whenever sth kills them.

– There should be a toggle free camera option when you are in the build menu like in No Man's Sky. When you are building large structures sometimes it is difficult to snap stuff on some angles. It would also enable us to look at the whole structure and see if we like how we built it overall.

– All graves should be visible on the map. When you die more than once only the latest death grave will be marked on the map while the previous death markers are overwritten. If you forget where you died the first time you are in for some frustration. Grave markers should stay on the map no matter how many times a player dies.

– Portals should stay the way they are, in my opinion, and I am glad the devs have no intention to have them carry ores/ingots.

– And lastly, various bugfixes and optimization which are very likely to come soon. Frame rates definitely need some tweaks that's for sure.

That's all I wanted to share at the moment, feel free to agree/disagree or add something I haven't mentioned. 😀


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