Hey tarkov players, I have updated my fansite. It has an interactive zoomable map of Interchange, complete list of ammo stats, and a list of all weapons and how they stack against other weapons.

Hey tarkov players,

I have updated my fansite. It has

  • An overview of all ammo types with bar charts, tables, tooltips and links to weapons that use them.
  • A weapon page that lists all weapons and their primary stats (recoil, ergo, accuracy). And how they rank among all weapons (globally) and among their own weapon type.
  • For example you can quickly see how accurate an AK-74M is compared to other assault rifles and to all weapons.
  • A google-style interactive map of Interchange with all exits, key locks, switches and locations of the elusive trucks and yellow minivans.
  • All of it optimized to look good on a mobile phone so you can have quick access to important data while playing.

Tell me what you think if you like.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mybwrc/hey_tarkov_players_i_have_updated_my_fansite_it/

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