Hide and Seek in Among Us

My friends and I had come up with a fun way to do hide and seek in Among Us that can be easily used for both public and private lobbies:
-No reporting bodies
-No calling emergency meetings
-Impostor(s) must sabotage comms at the beginning of the game, forcing crewmates to find their tasks by themselves
-Impostor(s) must give crewmates 10 second head-start at the beginning of the game
-Crewmates must find and finish their tasks to win the game, or else impostor wins by finding and killing everyone off. Venting is allowed

Lobby configurations:
-Impostor vision: .25x
-Crewmate vision: <1.75x
-Common tasks: 0
-Long tasks: 0
-Short tasks: 2 (it’ll make it easier for crewmates)
-Kill cooldown: anywhere between 10 & 27.5 seconds depending on number of people and map
-Emergency meeting: 1-3 (in case people want to discuss concerns at the beginning of the round)

I know in a lot of public lobbies people are against playing hide and seek (side vent I almost always got banned for mentioning hide and seek in lobbies and can’t get people to join when I host hide and seek lobbies), but I hope this can change people’s mind 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/kugbpw/hide_and_seek_in_among_us/

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