Hide and Seek Mode – A Guide

Tl;DR: Players complete tasks while hiding from imposters.

Hi all! This is a guide to the Hide and Seek variation of Among Us that's recently gaining traction. Of course, this an RFC: Request For Comments as well, so please leave your ideas for improvement below.

Setup: Imposters have low visibility – (0.25 – 0.75) and the crew has high visibility. Other settings can be whatever you like.

Play: The imposters expose themselves by venting at the start of the game. Then the crew disperses and tries to complete tasks while avoiding getting killed.


  1. Should I report a body or call Emergency Meetings?
  2. Can I Sabotage?
    No. Only locking doors is allowed. Venting is also allowed.
  3. Can I kill in front of crew?
    Yes. The rest of the crew is supposed to run away, and not report.
  4. What are the recommended settings?
    Kill Cooldown: 30 seconds. Kill Distance: medium/short. Imposter Vision: 0.5. Crew Vision: 3.

I just played a hide and seek match and it was really fun. So I thought I should share it with you too.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jrm2x7/hide_and_seek_mode_a_guide/

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