Hide and Seek Mode Settings and Rules

A lot of people have different preferences for Hide and Seek, so here is mine, along with an explanation of the rules:

Map: Polus is best because of its large size.

Impostor(s): 1*

Confirm Ejects: On (doesn't matter)

# of Emergency Meetings: 1* (call a meeting right at the start)

Emergency Cooldown: 0s*

Discussion Time: 0s*

Voting Time: 15s (the Impostor should reveal themself at this time, and everyone should skip)*

Player Speed: Usually for me 1.5x is okay, anything above 2x is too fast and below 1x too slow.

Crewmate Vision: 1x*

Impostor Vision: 0.25x*

Kill Cooldown: 4=25, 5=22.5, 6=20, 7=17.5, 8=15, 9=12.5, 10=10 (# of players=cooldown)

Kill Distance: Short*

Common Tasks: 4-7=1, 8-10=2

Long Tasks: 4-6=1, 7-10=2

Short Tasks: 4-6=2, 7-10=3 (# of players=quantity of type of task)

4-6 players: 4 tasks total

7 players: 6 tasks total

8-10 players: 7 tasks total

Task rush for Crewmates (finish all tasks, ghosts should finish tasks too) while the Impostor must kill in a limited vision with a short kill distance. Generally, the more players, the lower the kill cooldown and the higher the number of tasks.

The Impostor should call an Emergency Meeting at the start to reveal themself. There are several reasons, the first being that the kill cooldown is always 10s in the first round before any reports/meetings/kills regardless of the game settings. Another one is that there is also a 10s sabotage cooldown at the start, but after a meeting there is no sabotage cooldown (so Crewmates will only have a short period of time to memorize their tasks). The third reason is that Crewmates will be able to know who the Impostor is. However, a catch is that a Crewmate may call an Emergency Meeting right after the first one. Ensure that nobody will do this. NOTE: If you are playing on a Discord call, you can just tell everyone what role you are, which saves time. Then you can set the # of Emergency Meetings to 0.

Also, the Impostor should sabotage Comms after the first Emergency Meeting, and no fixing Comms, to make it harder for Crewmates to complete their tasks and disable features that can make the game too unbalanced. (However there can be an Easy Mode to be incorporated where you are given time to write down your tasks, or an even easier mode where Impostors cannot sabotage, meaning that using Admin, Security, Doorlog, and/or Vitals count as fair game.)

The Impostor is allowed to vent, but cannot self report. Likewise, Crewmates cannot report dead bodies.

Final Outcomes:

Impostor Win: Kill everybody but 1 Crewmate.

Crewmate Win: Finish all tasks (including ghosts).

*KEEP asterisked settings and DO NOT CHANGE. For the non-asterisked settings, you may change (like kill cooldowns), which are only recommended settings.

Why Comms? Comms is an underrated sabotage because it is very hard to fix and also disables Admin (so Impostors cannot use the Admin table to find Crewmates), Security (for the same reason), Doorlog, and/or Vitals. Use of these may make the game unbalanced for the Crewmates/the Impostor. Also, the "nobody fixes Comms" rule ensures that the Impostor cannot sabotage for the rest of the round.

I hope you enjoy this post! No need to upvote 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/lxdxnn/hide_and_seek_mode_settings_and_rules/

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