Hide and seek: rules

Ok, i just had the most stressful game of "Hide and Seek" in Among Us.

If people announce in a lobby that the game is going to be hide and seek, accept it or leave.

Let me write the basic rules here:

1) Imposter vents in cafe to show everyone that it is him/her. Vent in and out a few times to ensure all players can see this. Crewmates are to gather nearby to observe but not block the other players' line of sight of the vent.

2) Imposter will then not vent or sabotage (doors, lights, reactor or comms) for the rest of the game. If you do, you are just an ass.

3) Crewmates (even if dead) must complete all tasks. This is the only way crewmates can win the game.

4) No reporting bodies – Every time a meeting is called, it gives the imposter a chance to trail a player and kill them.

5) Kill distance – medium

6) Kill cooldown – 20s

7) Imposter vision is minimum; Crewmate vision is x2

8) Speed – x1.5

9) 1 long task, 4 short tasks, 2 common tasks

10) If someone does not know the rules, explain the rules to them and be kind. They may even be new to Among Us. ***

***If people do not cooperate, they need to be kicked.

Until the devs catch on and make this into an actual game mode, we have to rely on the basic intelligence and cooperation of the Among Us community.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/k1niyx/hide_and_seek_rules/

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