Historical flea prices now available for free on tarkov-tools.com

Happy (early) new year everyone!

With patch 0.12.12 we got a lot of nice community support and constructive feedback that kicked the development of tarkov-tools into high gear.

Apart from being first to deliver flea prices to the community and (probably?) the first with both new ammo & new items, we have so far added

  • TarkovTracker integration
  • Discord bot
  • Item type pages for almost all item types
  • Nightbot integration
  • Stream elements integration
  • and a lot more

All for free, for everyone <3

The last feature for this year is what we just launched: Graphs on all item pages showing the historical prices on the flea for the last 7 days.

Example: https://tarkov-tools.com/item/graphics-card

I truly hope you enjoy.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/rse1vr/historical_flea_prices_now_available_for_free_on/

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