Horde Spawner Idea (Uh oh, dumb idea alert!!!)

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Hey Vikings! This is a weird Idea I had that could be fun

Do you have too many trophies in your base?
Do you wish you had a use for them?
Do you find single-target bosses too easy to solo?
Wish there could be a raid on your base to test it's defenses NOW instead of in 50 years when the game decides to randomly do it?

This is a dumb idea, but would be really cool if implemented, even in a mod.

Input ANY ONE trophy into the "mob type" slot to select the mobs that spawn
Put a stack of any type of 20 trophies into one of the 6 slots to:
1-star upgrade
2-star upgrade
Double the spawn-rate
Triple the spawn-rate
Double the Duration
Triple the Duration

Rewards are:
All the drops (trophies don't drop from the horde-monsters)
You can fully recycle/re-cover mats from any gear you put in the designated area as long as you upgraded the horde spawner's difficulty to the appropriate gear level you need to craft the item.

This is a TERRIBLE idea that's gonna get SO many people killed if someone makes a mod for this.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/qt27w9/horde_spawner_idea_uh_oh_dumb_idea_alert/

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