How 2 Survive/Win In Public Lobbies.

First and foremost:
Try not to be one of them by accident, okay?
Don't randomly accuse
– Don't blame people 'cause the task bar didn't go up when they did a multi-part task or when the task bar updates only on meetings.
– Don't try to recreate reddit memes you fuckin' virgin.

There's more but you should know everything that is marked as a "random".

Now, let's start.

As an crewmate:

  1. Whenever a random is randomly accusing, you can mark them as safe cause Impostor wants to stay unnoticed and silent, not scream bloody murder.

  2. Whenever a random is saying that someone faked a task, it does not matter if the accused is an imp or not
    you know the accuser is safe cause again, impostor wants to stay quite in public lobbies

  3. whenever you see someone never talking they're either
    – a dumbass
    – a kid who doesn't know how to type
    – someone who doesn't speak English
    – afk
    – the Impostor trying to be quite

  4. If you want to see if there's a smart player in the lobby you can try faking a task and see if they call the emergency meeting, than you can mark them as safe cause Impostor wouldn't blame a crewmate and risk getting voted out at the start.

  5. Remember colors you pass by, randoms have a mental illness which we call "trigger finger"

  6. Try doubling back in the rooms you left, again cause of the mental illness randoms have.

  7. try following the well known twitch rules (don't vote on 7 unless everyone {including you} knows the person is the killer, same with 4).


  1. Try to make crewmates believe you're one of them by marking them as safe, always bring that up when they're sussing you.

  2. Try some of the strategies in r/AmongUsCompetitive

  3. Watch randoms fake tasks

As an Impostor:

  1. Don't random blame.

  2. Don't kill in front of people.

  3. Don't vent in front of people.

  4. Stick with people when you kill and vent away, they'll mark you as safe cause you've "been with them the entire time"

  5. Double kill only when you think it would work, let them die if they do a very shitty kill.

  6. If you want to stack up Impostor wins in your stats, go to 3 impostor games and hope your teammates all kill at the start, than vote one of them and double kill with the other teammate…or just vote a crewmate…that works too (this works only now cause the player limit is 10…it'll be put up with the airship map release.)

  7. Don't rat out your teammate for no reason ey?

  8. Try not to kill the lobby's teamers, cuz they're most of the times fucking useless to the crew if no one kills their brotha'

  9. Don't kill the dumb crewmates, they'll be a good puppet to marionette

  10. use the fucking vents

  11. moo


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