How about an infinite “raid/loot” system to extend gameplay? Here is my concept

So one recurring theme I'm seeing is that people are quitting after beating Yagluth.

I was kind of inspired by games similar to Destiny or WoW with raids. Where there is always a bigger monster with more HP, and more weapons to get with better stats.

So, just for the sake of this concept, we beat Yagluth, and the Yagluth thing (or maybe some other late game item) is created to make "The Titan Horn"

Upon using the horn, somewhere on the map, a Level 1 Titan is summoned. You must sail/teleport/whatever to the location of the titan, and fight him. Upon his death, he drops an ore, lets go with Titanium (hehe), that must be mined and smelted. Upon mining and smelting, you will have a Titanium v1 sword/shield/armor/whatever.

The titanium v1 will give you the damage necessary to fight a Level 2 Titan. Level 2 Titan drops Titainum v2 ore, and therefore Titanium v2 weapons/armor/whatever.

In theory, this could be repeated forever, so you have Titanium vInfinity gear.

Now if you wanted to add some spice to it, you could make it so the titans don't quite drop enough for full gear, and you must summon multiple titans of the same level, which once again can spawn all over the map. Maybe even make it an ingredient to food special foods for HP bonuses needed to take on the next level of boss (Titanium v3 Fishwrap… doesnt sound super edible though lol) So you might need to summon multiple Titans to get enough Titanium for the weapons, armor, pickaxe, and food needed to take on the next level Titan.

And even spicier, you can add the need for a Titanium of one less than the current ore you're mining for it to be effective. This would really push the need to summon multiple Titans before taking on the next level Titan.

But what if you don't want it to interfere with the Bosses/Biomes the devs plan on adding?

I would say you simply make everything have a damage resistance against Titanium making it effectively useless against anything other than Titans, or make it equivalent to padded armor so it doesn't disrupt the "narrative flow" of the game.

Why do I think its a good idea?

Because it takes all core concepts of Valheim and makes them relevant on a never ending cycle.

1)It encourages exploration by having Titans placed all over the map. You will have to sail and adventure far and wide to get them.

2)Once the Titan is slain, you will need a forge and smelter to craft it into something. This encourages more base building, but all over the map.

3) You will consistently have challenging enemies to face. You will never max out gear and be the walking death machine you can currently be where nothing can hurt you.

What do you guys think?


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