How I fixed the Unity crashing bug [Nvidia]

So I've been battling the Unity crashing bug since the 12.10 update was released. Some of the fixes I tried but to no avail:

  • Rollback Windows updates
  • Rollback Nvidia driver updates
  • Update BIOS
  • Reinstall Tarkov
  • Increase Windows pagefile size (30GB+)

I began scrolling through Unity forum posts about the bug to better understand the patterns of the issue. It seems the issues can occur on any brand of GPU, processor and Windows combination, making me presume its a software-based issue with Tarkov's implementation of Unity.

Last week I read a Unity thread about the inefficient use of RAM and GPU in Tarkov. In the thread some users reported instances where underclocking their CPU or Radeon GPU helped prevent the crashing issue. This leads me to believe its some type of over-utilisation or performance management issue.

Finally I seem to have fixed it after testing the following combination of steps.

Here's my EFT Unity crashing fix for Nvidia GPUs

  1. Open the BSG Launcher, click on user settings (top right) and Clear Cache.
  2. Again in the BSG Launcher, click on user settings (top right) and run the Integrity Check.
  3. Open Windows Start menu, type in "Nvidia control panel" and open the application.
    1. Under 3D Settings, click on Manage 3D Settings.
    2. In the Global Settings panel, scroll to Power Management Mode and change the setting to Prefer Maximum Performance.
    3. Save settings.
  4. Run Tarkov

Hopefully this fix works for some of you out in the community.


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