How I made 100 mil on flea market

The most asked question this sub is probably how to make money in tarkov. How do you become so rich that you the gear fear becomes irrelevant? Here's how I did it this wipe.

Started off with a lot of scav runs and upgrading hideout. Focused on quests until I unlocked Jeager lvl 3. Which unlocks the batter trade for the S I C C item case and red rebel ice pick.

Looking at these trades, and adding in the flea market fee, they are basically not profitable at all. Maybe you'll make 50k, but that's about it. However, when you unlock intelligence center level 3, this changes. Your flea market fee is recuded by 30%.

Jeager refreshes every hour. And combining these trades gives you between 0.5 and 0.8 million every hour. Buying and selling just before you quit tarkov, or when you have some spare time, quickly adds up. Sometimes you'll easily make a million an hour just by buying and selling these 2 items.

Add in the weapon case trade from Mechanic lvl 3, which doesn't refresh as often but is still an easy 300k per refresh, you can become rich quite fast. Looking at all the upgrades you can do, intelligence level 3 is probably the most profitable one of all.

Hope this can help some of you make some money in this amazing game


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