How to be a Pro in Among Us as crew – On Polus

  1. Avoid Dying off the start by heading to lights right away- Depending on what settings you are playing on the kill cooldown at the beginning is highly reduced off the normal amount usually 10 secs or less. A lot of imposters will hit lights and kill off cooldown at the start of the game. Plus if you prejack lights it will make you look very crew.
  2. Don't always go to fix the sabotage right away – Checking admin and vitals before going to fix the sabotage could be the difference between a loss and a Win. Check if you need to save the game by reporting a dead body.
  3. Don't always fix lights – If you believe someone is dead and there are 6 people remaining check vitals and admin and try to report the body before the lights are fixed. This will allow you vote one SUS person out fix lights push the button and vote additional person out.
  4. Only accept clears in groups of 3 – Both imposters can cover for one another and voting the odd person out who is not with anyone is not always the best.
  5. Learn the vents – Several vents connect back into office. If a kill happens in medbay people on admin/vitals should still be suss due to the vents connecting them. Same goes for if a kill happens outside of electrical be suspicious of a person who is in office or communication. Mind you these are higher level imposter plays.
  6. Don't blindly rush your tasks – If you have medbay it could be the difference between life and death if someone accuses you. Don't metagame and say you have med bay straight away because that is cringe, but use it as a way to prove you are crew if you are being sussed.
  7. Check Vitals and Admin every few tasks – Even if you have most of your tasks on one side check vitals on a regular basis even if it means you need to back track to where you were you initally were to finish your tasks.

I have about 250 hours in the game and I play using mainly discord or proximity. If you can think of any other tips for crew for Polus please add them below. Let me know what you guys think of the list overall and if you have any questions about the game feel free to ask me.


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