How to Calculate Market Fee when Trading on the Flea Market

I struggled to understand this myself and wish to share the fruits of my labor.

We'll be using the equation found on the Trading page of the Wikipedia:


Vo = Total price of item = Base Price

You can determine the Base Price of an item easily by checking the Tarkov Market site and dividing the buyback price listed by the multiplier for the trader listed which can be found in on the Trading wiki page. E.g. A Pack of sugar is bought by the Therapist for 9,893 whose multiplier is 0.6, so the Base Price for a Pack of sugar is 16488.333 (9893/0.6=16488.333).

Vr = Total value of requirements, e.g. if we wanted to sell a Pack of sugar at the 24hr average price according to the Tarkov Market site, we'd use 33,493

Po = Log10(Vo/Vr) [to the power of 1.08 if Vr<Vo], e.g. our Pack of sugar whose Vr would be greater than its Vo would have a Po of -0.307777(Log10(16488.333/33493))

Q = Quantity of item being sold

Ti and Tr = both are tax constants, currently at 0.05

Pr = Log10(Vr/Vo)[to the power of 1.08 if Vr>=Vo], e.g. our Pack of sugar whose Vr would be greater than its VO would have a Po of 0.280089 (Log10(33493/16488.333)^1.08)

Now lets bring it together for selling one Pack of sugar for 33,493 Roubles

16488.333*0.05*4^(Log10(16488.333/33493))*1 + 33493*0.05*4^(Log10(33493/16488.333)^1.08)*1 =

3007 Rouble Fee

In Excel, this could look like: round((A1/A2*4^(log10(A1/A2/A3)^if(A3<(A1/A2),1.08,1))+A3*4^(log10(A3/(A1/A2))^if(A3>(A1/A2),1.08,1)))*.05*A4,0)

A1 = Buyback Price, e.g. 9893

A2 = Trader multiplier for item, e.g. 0.6

A3 = Price you want to list the item for, e.g. 33493

A4 = Quantity to sell, e.g. 1

I hope you guys find this useful. One thing I learned from this is that you should NEVER sell an item for more than 52x it's base price or you will start to actually make less money on the deal due to the exponentially increasing fee. E.g. the Key with tape shouldn't be sold for more than 951600 (18300*52).


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