How to cheese your stress resistance + vitality

Since BSG refuses to re-work the skill system and gate keeps quests behind arbitrary skill leveling walls they have forced people to cheese skills (LVNDMARK spent half a damn stream cheesing SR for his Kappa) . Here is the easiest way to level your Stress Resistance.

-Walk into barbed wire until at least one of your legs are blacked out

-Jump until your SR is on cooldown (without taking pain killers)

-Wait 5 minutes, or extract

– ???


The easiest maps to do this on is: Reserve (run into barbed wire by sewer extract and then leave) or, Customs at ZB-012. Or if you are on any other map and find your legs get blacked out by a player or scav simply jump to max your SR before CMSing.

Notes: You will also level vitality from this, but it takes longer to max it out for that raid. It will also slowly level your health skill.


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