How to complete Gunsmith Part 2 without the Pt Lock

Idk if anyone has posted this before but I did it two days ago and checked the market for pt locks today,out of curiosity.I see there's still sortage and a lot of people are trying to barter for it.Anyways.

– Get B-11 from the flea market.

– Get the 60-round ak mag from the flea market or craft it to spend less.

– Get a Cobra foregrip from the flea market.

– Get an RK-3 from the flea market.

– Remove the muzzle and handguard from a stock AKS-U.

– Throw everything on it,fold it and turn it in.

1.Don't remove the gas tube,just the handguard.

2.Make sure there is no muzzle on the gun before you turn it in.

Sorry for any confusion.


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