How to easily take care of stone golems

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Hello fellow Vikings, it is I, Dagoth Urn, here to tell you how to easily deal with those pesky stone golems interrupting your silver operation. What you want to do is get an abyssal harpoon. By the time you should be in the mountain biome you should probably already have an abyssal harpoon. If you don't all you need to do is sell the high seas until you find mysterious living Islands with some nasty crusty buildup and hit them with a pickaxe until they break. Anyways what you want to do is hook a stone golem with a decent amount of stamina. Proceed to run to the edge of the mountain and simply jump off and drag it down with you. If you do correctly it will kind of stay in the same spot and won't despawn. Also from what I found out Stone Combs really don't drop anything useful and if you want to kill them anyways you can easily do it once they're stuck on the mountain side. Have fun my guys!


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