How to fix low GPU Usage for 6900xt

Few days ago I wrote a post about my issue with Tarkov. Basically low fps and low cpu and gpu usage. First I though it was some problem with my cpu, but after hours of trying to find a solution I opened metrics overlay in radeon software and was amazed. The main issue was in driver+windows.

My specs:

CPU: Ryzen 9 3950x

RAM: 64gb 3600mhz

GPU: AMD RX6900xt

OS: Windows 11

AMD Driver version: 21.9.1

First of all you will need to turn off windows gaming mode, because it fucks up the AMD driver in the way it can not determine how much power your video card need to deliver.

(IDK why I faced this issue only with Tarkov, I think it might be because of the BattleEye Procces that has basically the same name and it's starts up after launching the game in Launcher wich itself is a low usage software.)

Second of all you will probably need to adjust your base frequency in tuning tab (amd software), becuase IDK why, but drivers still think that Tarkov is just and app and I were running it at 500mhz 15-30% gpu usage and low rpms on fans.

Here is my settings:

P.S. And I recommend turning off things like v-sync and etc.Here is a screenshot:

and update your chipset driver!

After this, I'm getting about 40-80% usage on my card and around 120-140fps on Reserve. Before that, I had around 60-80fps.

This guide will probably work only for AMD RX6900xt or AMD 6800xt. Because my friend on RX590 and 5700xt doesn't have this problem at all.


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