How to get killed in Among Us

Notice: I was originally going to post the same guide on steam, but, I never saw it in the guide library

As Crewmate…

  1. Go to electrical
  2. Wait


  1. Pick a crewmate and follow them
  2. Follow them until a body is reported or an emergency meeting is called
  3. The crewmate should sus you out, then vote you off


Original Idea by u/Teanah12

You can also

  1. Press the Emergency Meet
  2. Stay silent and wait

Things to remember…

  • Sometimes (Normally in 1 imposter games) the crewmate you follow might confirm you are innocent
  • You CANNOT do ANY tasks IF you are trying to die
  • You may also die on step 2

As imposter…

  1. Vent in front of someone
  2. Wait
  3. You should be sused out


  1. Kill in front of someone
  2. You should be sused out

Things to remember…

  • The person who reported you may get voted out.
  • You can also fake tasks in front of people, but most people overlook when it comes to tasks

Well, that's about it, that's how to die in among us


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