How to have fun in among us public lobbies

So I see a lot of posts on this sub about how public lobbies are full of nightmarishly stupid turds and it's near impossible to get a good group of randoms together. However, almost every time I play I end up being in one of those lobbies where people tend to stick around whether they're imposter or not, even after they die.

I create my own lobby (so the rules make sense). It takes a while to fill sometimes. I've found a good trick to keep people from dropping out of a 1 to 2 person lobby is to ask if the first person to join wants to play tag. Run around the lobby tagging each other. This gets difficult if there are more than 3 people in the lobby, but once it gets to that point it usually fills pretty quickly.

Once your lobby is full, odds are you'll have a bunch of twats in there. Don't worry! This is normal! As you play a few rounds, you'll see who is aggressive, a bad sport, or downright nasty. Give them a warning and if they keep acting up, ban them (they're gonna keep acting up, but it's worthwhile to be be graceful). If you stick it out and are yourself fun to play with, the other fun, wholesome players who happen upon your lobby will stick it out with you. Usually within 3 or 4 games, a core group develops of 4 to 8 players who are exactly the type you want. People who play fair, make jokes, and say gg no matter the outcome. There are hours of fun to be had, but you'll have to slog through a few idiotic fun ruiners to get there.

The downside to this is that the joy is bittersweet. You'll likely never play with these people again. But all is not lost. I've traded discord info with a fair number of people and we get together for games still.

If this is old news and you all already know this… go ahead and vote me out. It's okay really. Nature of the game.


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