How to kill Tarkov after it hangs/crashes

The problem:
Occasionally, EFT will hang or partially crash, such that the window is still open and visible, but completely unresponsive. This can be frustrating, as typical key combos (alt+f4, ctrl+esc, alt+tab, etc) will not hide the window, and even if you manage to open the Task Manager, it opens under the EFT window, so impossible to interact with.

The solution:
1) Press Win+R (it looks like nothing happens since the run prompt opens under the EFT window)

2) Type "taskkill /f /im escapefromtarkov.exe" (no quotes)

3) Press enter.

4) ???

5) Profit

In the past ive resorted to logging off from windows and sometimes even a full system restart. Hopefully this helps some of you avoid this hassle and save a few precious seconds of early raid time. If you have a second monitor you can make a batch file and put the icon on your second monitor for even faster task killing.


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