How to make 1.3m in five seconds by out sniping macro bots

The thicc item case market is currently being exploited by macro bots but you can get in on juicy 1m flips if you can snipe it before macro bots do. For the highest chance of sniping successfully load up the flea market just after therapist resets. This is when most of the mispriced thicc cases are listed for 16.6m and can be re-sold for 18.6m for a profit of 1.3m.

The reason this flip works is because RMTers are able to create the 1514 – Transaction error so that there is ALWAYS glitched listings on the flea market that act as an artificial price floor. When old listings are about to expire they just add more 1514 errors to the market to replace them.

Shout out to xxdappyxx and PanyaTTTV for continually creating glitched 1514 listings so the market is always skewed.

Until this is fixed by BSG we might as well ALL profit instead of a handful of macro bots.


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