How to Make Hunting in Valheim Endless from an actual hunter

Every time you get a trophy it should have weight or antler count appear when you hover your cursor over it

Super low spawn Albino Deer/Boar/whatever that automatically drops trophy when killed

Perhaps larger weight boars appear bigger or you can actually see the antler rack like in real life

Now, I'm not only trying to get Albino trophies but also ones with huge antlers or a massive trophy boar head. You can apply this to all the creatures in game as well.

Chopping down trees in the forest is now an adventure in which there is a chance to see the great white buffalo. A white bear with a 10 pound bear claw etc…. etc…

Fairly easy to implement just randomized weight capping out at record high for pig/deer/whatever

Largest wild boar killed in real life 1k pounds

Therefore in game if I kill an albino boar that's 1k pounds it is like hitting the lotto. If I kill a regular boar and its 999 pounds that's still awesome and worthy of hanging on my hut. Now people on my server can be jealous of my trophy room or whatever.

What do yawl think?


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