How to make the plains more viable

What if bon fires acted as repellents for Deathsquitos? It would be some sort of AOE effect near camp fires that causes the Deathsquitos to not aggro in that direction.

It's becomes frustrating to try and build anything in the Plains because of the constant pestering of Deathsquitos and the devastating damage they can do (especially midway through the game). I think ultimately it limits some of the creative opportunities for base building. Plains seems to be the only biome where I don't feel confident in a good defensive strategy. Swamps I can build in trees. Mountains I can build underground or just build really big stones walls etc. Anytime I'm in the Plains I'm constantly having to eat food inside my base so I don't get 1-tapped when I just want to craft, farm, and do some chores.

Adding this would be a subtle kind of Counter Play that could make the plains a more viable place to build a second or even main base.

Let me know what you think! Downvote if it's a bad idea.


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