How to manipulate spawns for your advantage – easy guide

So In Tarkov the better your PC is, the bigger chance you have to spawn in the same thrashy spot, If you wanna break "Curse of The Trailer Park", say no more, you came to the right place.

What we gonna need:

– WinRar

– Big file on the same drive you have Tarkov already installed

– Google Chrome

– Some patience, because things gonna get LAGGY

What you have to do:

– (as PMC ofc) Pick your gear, pick your map – Customs – DON'T CLICK "READY" YET!

– Find big file/folder on your PC (any game folder will work just fine) and click "Add to "folder/file_name.rar"

– Open Chrome and "watch" some Videos in 4k

– Enter Tarkov again and click "READY"

Patience now…

– If you see "DEPLOYING IN" screen, close your Chrome, stop winrar file compression


In my opinion current spawn system doesn't fit into Tarkov very well, it just leads to massive, COD like spawn wars. I know usually you can avoid getting spawn killed, but sometimes on Shoreline or Customs you are forced to literally go AFK for few minutes, because you can't do sh*t 😛

But it seems like most of you guys love spawn camping 10 minutes for another player making him unable to do anything. Instantly sprinting after respawning and trying to reach inside of the map just to die 5 sec later is OK aswell.


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