How to play Among Us PC with a controller

I made a controller mapper with a special Among Us configuration which let you play with a controller! This is for the PC version (I haven't tried Bluestack) and I tried it on Windows and on Mac (via Wine) using a Xbox S controller.

I mapped the right stick to mouse movement so you can still do tasks and sabotages; for venting you can press one of the arrows on the DPad to vent in that direction without having to click.

You can try it here:


  • Left Stick is for movement (WASD)
  • Right Stick moves the mouse cursor
  • Right Trigger 2 clicks the mouse
  • Left Trigger 2 is for exiting dialogs (Esc)
  • North Button shows the map (Tab)
  • East Button is the Use action (e)
  • South Button is for killing (q)
  • West Button is for reporting (r)
  • Directional Pad is for venting (replaces clicking manually on vents)

Keys can be configured by modifying joystick-mapper.conf with a notepad (more detailed info here)

Let me know if you run into some problems or need some help with the configuration


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