How to PRESET? Check here. Pictures, video and text manual. (

Hello to all,

*This is valid for version

I figured out how presets now working, it looks like they weren't broken, but actually there is new way how to use them.

  1. put gun which You want edit in stash with free space around it
  2. 2. click on PRESETS on bottom bar
  3. find Your preset and click OPEN
  4. choose correct gun from lists of guns
  5. click ASSAMBLE
  6. BUY PARTS which are missing
  7. PURSCHASE ALL or buy one by one, up to You
  8. click YES to BUY
  9. click BACK in upper right corner
  10. now You should have green message at the bottom, click ASSAMBLE
  11. Your gun is assembled, click BACK
  12. Your gun is assembled in stash in place where You placed Your "naked" gun

picture manual here (imgur)
video manual here (youtube)


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