How to unlock any pet in Among Us (playerPrefs)

This might get deleted by the mods, because this somewhat breaks Rule 8, so here is as note to the mods:

The content of this post is purely cosmetic and has no real advantage to other players.

Also, don't do this if you actually support Innersloth (I don't use this, I just thought it might be cool to share.)

Anyways, here is the actual thing:

Note: This method only works on Windows.

  1. Open "File Explorer"
  2. Go to: C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalLowInnerslothAmong Us
  3. Open the "playerPrefs" file in Notepad.
  4. Change the 17th value to one of these:

0 – No Pet

1 – Braingslug

2 – Mini Crewmate

3 – Dog

4 – Henry Stickmin

5 – Hamster Ball

6 – Robot

7 – UFO

8 – Ellie (Henry Stickmin)

9 – Squig

10 – Bedcrab

Go here if you don't know what each pet looks like:

After that, restart your game and you should see your pet in game.


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