How to upgrade your account during the sale, and what items you will get. (Since a lot of people are asking around the sale)

With the sale, I figured i'd save people the trouble and post what happens when you upgrade your account.

#1 – How do I upgrade my account? Simple login and go to

#2 – Do I have to reset my account to get the items? No! You will have everything mailed to you in game.

– WHEN YOU DO THIS, You receive the DIFFERENCE between the edition you upgrade to, and the edition you currently had in terms of starting items. I.E. If you currently have standard, you started the wipe with 300,000 rubles, if you UPGRADE to EOD which starts with 400,000 rubles, in the mail after upgrade you will RECEIVE 100,000 rubles.

– ALSO, as of .12 Secure containers are REPLACED with upgrade, so prior to upgrading if you want the bonus money SELL your current secure container as it will be deleted as soon as you upgrade! As a precaution, TAKE EVERYTHING OUT! (Although these items should go into your stash when the container is deleted).

  • As this has been asked multiple times, you do not need to reset your account after upgrading to receive any of the items.

These are the most asked and most important questions regarding upgrading, enjoy your new editions Escapers!


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