How would people feel about NPCs?

New Valheim update

I wonder how people would feel about Non Person Characters in Valheim?

This idea sort of came to me as I returned with a longship full of iron ore. Wouldn't it be nice if there was Johan by the forges ready to go ham on them? If I have wood stocked up, I am able to keep 4 forges and kilns going constantly by refilling them, but to go through the hold of a longship still takes hours without doing anything else.

We could have Trandil manning the fields, Valgard by the cauldron and Hall patrolling the ramparts.

When the creatures attack the village they could all come to aid or when you venture out they could join you to take on 10 Fuling berserkers with 5 shaman supporting them. Or for those who prefer base-building to raiding, just the ability to send them away to raid and a few days later they return with some loot. There could be random events tied to this like Hugin appears out of nowhere and tells you Valgard got bitten by a leech and his whimper was heard by some draugr, you need to go get the poor bastard.

It could tie in lore-wise as well. The Player character arrives first, then once they craft the first bronze weapon Hugin appears, telling them that there was another, we dropped them off in the Black Forest, but one of the greydwarfs got in a lucky shot at his head, he's their captive now, go get him. Or not. It could be entirely optional.

And when they've got nothing to do, they just sit in the Great Hall, drink and eat and laugh and tell stories of their day and just generally make a mess.

It may be that I'm doing a Factorio run as well in parallel and some of the need for automatization followed me into Valheim, but I think it could be cool. Anyways, what do you think?

PS.: I absolutely did use a random viking name generator.


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