I am a trash player with 12% survival rate. Here is how I make Roubles

I know I am a new and trash player, but thanks to the flea market, if you have some idea of how the economy works you can make some decent money too.

TL;DR check your hideout, compare ingredients price and find out what can make you profit with the difference in prices, this example is a measure created because of the sudden rise in Scav box price of therapist

So recently the Lucky Scav Junkbox price from therapist had been increase from 1.2 million to 1.9 million. That creates a surge in Scav box price in the flea market. But if you actually look at all the ingredient price, you will find out that there’s no way you need 1.9 million for 1 Scav box. You buy all the ingredients, upgrade lavatory to level 2, and you can make hips of Roubles every 12 hours.

If I breakup all the components of a Scav box it will be:

4 Metal cutting scissors

15 Bolts

9 Screw nuts


6 Blue fuel tank (empty or filled)

Currently at this time a Scav box sells for 1.55 million, so as long as all these ingredients have a combine cost of less than 1.4million (counting the flea tax also), you are going to make money.

In the instance, the price of the ingredients are

Scissors: 75k (need 4=300k)

Bolts: 30k (need 15=450k)

Screw nuts: 9k (need 9=81k)

KEKTAPE: 40k (need 3=120k)

Fuel tank: 60k (need 6=360k)

In a sum of around 1.31 million roubles to assemble. I will argue this is somewhere the lowest selling cost of the Scav box in the flea market, because sellers have to gain profit.

Now, it is the time to get all the ingredients at the lowest price possible, or in raid

The ones that fluctuate the most would be bolts and fuel tank I would say, sometimes bolts can fall to 20k, fuel tanks can go to around 50k if empty. Whenever I see the price of ingredients fall below the price listed, I will try to buy as many as I can especially bolts, because they are needed in hideout anyways

This method is not guaranteed success, because more and more people will know the trick and start to manufacture Scav box in bulks, which tear down the price tremendously (I sold one this evening at 1.7mil, in few hours time the price dropped around 200k, which is a 12% drop in hours). Make sure to keep an eye on the price of everything, components and products. Stop immediately when the price of Scav box dropped super fast or when the components price do not fall for some reasons.

But this is an idea of what I do when I’m not going in raid. Check what you can make, check the price of ingredients, make profit by the difference of price. There are always, ALWAYS people that are so lazy to gather materials, or never check their hideout, or just have the money to spare.

Earn those money.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/hkvbvn/i_am_a_trash_player_with_12_survival_rate_here_is/

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