I created a game mode to play with friends: “Vent Roulette”

The premise is simple: imposter goes and hides in a vent, every crewmate then picks a vent, imposter kills whoever is on their vent, repeat, last person alive wins.

Settings: only important ones are lowest kill cool down and highest speed to make the game go faster, as well as short kill distance. I also turned up visions to help see where vents are.

Gameplay: so the game starts by the imposter saying who they are, then everyone goes to the top of cafeteria and waits for the imposter to announce that they have chosen a vent. Then everyone splits up and chooses a vent to stand on. Once everyone is on a vent (ask “is anyone not on a vent”to make sure) then you tell the imposter to kill. The unlucky crewmate dies and everyone goes back to the cafeteria to restart the process back over again. For the last two people, we did it so that the imposter chooses one of the two vents in navigation and then the crewmates choose one of those so that we could see the other person die which made it a little more fun.

Rules/Modifiers: you can change any of these if you want, it’s all preference really but here’s what we did.
– only one person to a vent. You can have more than one and have the imposter kill whoever it selects automatically but I think one person keeps it more fair.
– in the event that no one is on the vent the imposter has chosen, the imposter can switch to a random nearby vent and kill whoever is the first person they see. You could also just restart the round if you wanted.
– if you keep running into that problem you could decide to limit the options available by saying something like “ok, only pick one on the right side of the map” or something
– as I mentioned, you don’t have to do the final 2 in navigation but I think it makes it more fun

I’m sure it might get boring for ghosts if the game starts to drag on but it’s still really fun to play and there’s a lot of tension because you don’t know if the imposter is going to pop out of your vent.

Good luck and have fun!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jsvzfk/i_created_a_game_mode_to_play_with_friends_vent/

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