I got stuck on a mountain today: You should be able to destroy your bed with Unarmed

New Valheim update

I died today. As you do. Sometimes.

Problem was that just before I had claimed a bed on top of a mountain. So I obviously spawned here, naked, no items or food and with 25 HP. To make things better that mountain was surrounded by plains (where my body was).

I wanted to destroy my bed so I could spawn at the Altar. But.. you cannot unclaim your bed and you can't destroy it with Unarmed.

With no weapon, I instead tried desperately to destroy parts of the house with my bare hands to construct a hammer, but there was not a single stone around and I died 10 times trying to find at least one. I got the idea to make a Club (6 wood) but in the process the Drakes destroying my Workbench (and without hammer you… well, can't make a new Workbench…).

If you die with at least one item you get a corpse run. I figured I could run down to the plains with a corpse run, but as we all know: naked in the plains is pretty bad. After 30 deaths I gave up. Luckily I had an older save I could reverse to even though some things were lost.

So yes: let's be able to destroy beds with Unarmed.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/peny90/i_got_stuck_on_a_mountain_today_you_should_be/

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