I have a 24/7 server that doesn’t get used. If I was to reset it, would anyone play?

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My server is a VPS hosted server with 4GB RAM and is headless. I have made it so it checks for updates to the game at 1am UK time and has a monitor ever 5 minutes so if the server dies, it will reboot.

I am locked into a contract with my VPS provider and rather someone use it. I'd prefer no mods or cheating client side.

Once I gauge interest, I will DM users the server IP and password.

The main idea is to have a discord chat with users of my server and this way you will be alerted of errors or updates to the server.

Edit: The server is UK based. Also I need to remember how to do all the set up etc on a headless server. Need some time to work it out. Maybe a day.

Edit 2: I have picked 5 people and will need to test before getting anymore involved. Anyone who I messaged. I'd appreciate patience while I remember how to run the server, as I don't use a control panel, I use straight up SSH and STFP to manage the server.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/q074tv/i_have_a_247_server_that_doesnt_get_used_if_i_was/

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