I have an idea for developers for the raid system

So I’ve gotten Valheim I few days ago been playing it with my friends and I’ve really enjoyed the building it’s really complex and takes skill but anyways let’s move on I really like the raids that happen randomly out of the blue I remember it was my first day on the game I built my base and was raided by the greydwarf’s it was the most scary/fun thing I’ve done in a game in a while but I’ve also seen the troll raid and the swamp smell but I was thinking of a new raid they should add since the game is about Vikings kinda maybe like “you’ve upset the gods” and a shit ton of Viking ships full of Vikings come out of nowhere on a beach and come attack your village or kind of like Minecraft where you see a Viking near your village or scouting the village after you kill them they would come get revenge. Just some thoughts again I really love this game hope to see a really good future for it let me know what you guys think!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/n80tsl/i_have_an_idea_for_developers_for_the_raid_system/

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