I hope for the day to come.

TLDR: I do not wish for a Minecraft copy cat, I hope for this game to florish and expand, like that game, by the help of modders, if needed.

When Minecraft started, it was simple. Several biomes with specific characteristics, some villages, then the nether came.

After a while modders found out ways to add simple and complex ruins and other sites to the game, small and large dungeons and, new and different type of biomes, and even new whole dimensions like the nether.

And the developers took notice and added their own randomly spawn-able simple and complex sites and landmark, like the underwater dungeons and the like.

So I await the day that this happen to Valheim, and the modders find out how to add their own randomly generated biomes, sites, land marks, dungeons and the rest…

Or the developers give out the secret and help us with that. 😀

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mzhgqg/i_hope_for_the_day_to_come/

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