I know the VALHEIM Devs don’t want to support Mods, but…

I've become addicted to the Mods!

A Lot Of WORK For Game Devs & Mods

I've played over 600 game hours solo, because exploring/adventure/crafting/building was satisfying, But after considering all the Devs' comments about their future plans for Valheim I'm more convinced now that Mod Support and a planned Dedicated server for standardizing the Mod-mechanics for future iterations is important.

Yes I'm aware of the huge cost in hardware and personnel for this project, but for Valheim to remain relevant to gamers this is critical.

PS: I had a hard failure after installing another building Mod and I almost cried fearing the worse (losing my current builds), but all is well as I uninstalled the mod and went back to game.

If you want VALHEIM to add (even Limited) Mod support then please comment below and tell the Devs too User Suggestions – Valheim Bugs (featureupvote.com)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/nrwgvi/i_know_the_valheim_devs_dont_want_to_support_mods/

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