I like this game but some things just don’t make sense

  • Elemental Arrows – The arrows, fire, ice and poison; I know the recipes are different which is why fire arrow would obviously be weaker but I think it would be better if all elemental arrows are just normal arrows imbued with the element modifier, like such: Obsidian Fire Arrow – Feather, Wood, Obsidian, Resin and Obsidian Ice Arrow – Feather, Wood, Obsidian, Freeze Gland
  • Biome Tier System – Kinda find it weird that Fulings are bastardly overpowered for small little goblins, I know this is because of the biome tier system and it would be a tall task to have an overhaul but it just feels odd that a small little goblin with a wood club deals more damage than a gargantuan troll with a giant wooden club…
  • Metals can't be teleported – Other than balancing/pushing the exploration aspect, I don't see a point in this, I don't know the official reason but I've read somewhere that this might be because of some Norse mythology with metals interfering with magic but then the metal gear and weapons can be teleported which completely contradicts with that idea.
  • Food for HP and Stamina – This one, I only have a particular problem with which is that HP and Stamina slowly drains and you'd have to wait it out till its near expiration to eat again but even before the expiration, you'd already have half the HP and Stamina you're supposed to be having from eating and it sucks.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mwihpw/i_like_this_game_but_some_things_just_dont_make/

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