I might get alot of hate for this..

I am what you would call a casual player, I work 10+ hours a day, I have a family, and can only play on the weekends. So I lack alot of skills my younger self had when it comes to games. And I'm sure some of you out there, whether you want to admit it or not, aren't very good either. I have kept to myself this little trick for the last 2 wipes and have come to see alot of complaints about how hard this game is from alot of new players. So here you go.

1: Go to steam and buy "Crosshair X" ($4.00)
2: Download "Xbox Game Bar" (Free)
3: On the Microsoft store download "Crosshair X Extension" (Free)
4: Open "Xbox Game Bar", click "Widget Menu", click "Crosshair X Extension"
5: With the extension open, click "Center"

1: You can pick from a wide variety of different Crosshairs and can adjust the position of the Crosshair by going through the various settings.
2: I set up a different keybind to open "Xbox Game Bar" as the one it comes with interferes with keybinds I already have on Tarkov.
3: To prevent the Crosshair from burning into your screen (Older monitors) the actual "Crosshair X" app has a keybind to turn off/on the corsshair.


I respect all of you Chads out there and completely understand if this irritates you and or I get down voted into oblivion. But I beg you to understand a majority of people have lives and jobs and can't sit at home grinding tarkov all day or even play every single day. So please at least understand that, and I will be the first to admit. I am trash at Tarkov. And probably always will be. But that doesn't mean I won't have fun. I have fun Everytime I play. I kill geared people Everytime I play. Have fun with your new toy!
Happy Tarkoving!!

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