I need help making a new “cheat”-sheet for EFT for getting traders money as high as it can go for the max amount of spent money for return

If anyone can understand what im about to explain then congrats because i don't really know how i can explain it well but I'll try anyway;

So with traders you spend and sell them items over the course of the wipe to earn money spent with those traders, i would like some help with making a cheat sheet to help new players who are having a hard time getting money or spending that extra 4k$ or few 100,000 roubles left to get the trader to a new level.

The system im planning on creating is a excel sheet like NoFoodAfterMidnights bullet charts, where i'll make edits and calculate the maths (or if anyone else is good at maths to give me a equation to use to make it simpler and easier to figure out) on those items to make sure we are getting max spend/return as possible, i shouldn't need to make edits for anything other then items that have a limited number per restock, and then suggest a new item/s based on if those are out of stock, ideally i would like to have a list of different levels (trader levels) based on what your max trader level is at that time so you can still get max spend/return then once you at the new trader level you can either spend to the new amount that is required or just move on and wait until you have more money to then get to the next "money spent" requirement.

Those of you who would help me will be credited and would have made one aspect of this game a bit easier to manage for new players or even veteran players who just don't want to spend the time sorting out EFT finances.

p.s. Those with alot of rubbles and dollars would be the best at helping
p.s.s. This is going to take me some time to do

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