I see alot of new Players… Some tips from me.

  • There are Armor Class from 1-6

  • Learn the Bullets, you can have a really good Gun with bad Ammo and cant kill anyone

  • Learn the Spawn and run with the "Spawn Flow" if you wanna avoid People

  • Learn the Map Customs, its the Beginner Map with alot of Quests also with good loot spots

  • Open your 2. Monitor or on your Phone the Map you play so you figure out where you are

  • Don't play Labs at the start believe me its not worth

  • Watch Videos from Pestily, its really helpful

  • Learn the Exits, some are not Open everytime

  • Watch Videos how to Mod your Guns

  • Don't loot every Item, some are just dont worth it to take with, keep an eye on the flee Market which Items are Valuable.

  • Join people who are also Beginners, i dont recommend going with good Players into a Raid because you learn nothing, the best way to learn is by playing solo or with other beginners.

The first 300 hours can be frustrating, but believe me its a good Game.

Have fun and survive!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pq6uch/i_see_alot_of_new_players_some_tips_from_me/

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