I’d like a more consistent experience – possible spoilers

I absolutely love Valheim and have been playing a bunch. Something I wonder if it would be helpful would be to have a more consistent experience.

When you start Valheim, you are dropped at the stone circle, with the rune to find Eikthyr right there. You spend some time in the Meadows, get geared enough, then fight the boss and then you are tough enough to enter the Black Forest.

After entering the Black Forest, you find some burial chambers, find a rune pointing you toward the Elder, mine some metal, get geared enough, then fight the boss and you are then ready for the Swamp.

Enter Swamp, enter Crypts, find Rune, find metal, get geared up… and then can't do anything against Bonemass. I've not died to him, but cannot do any damage, so I fled.

Looking online, it seems that you can use a bow, but need frost arrows that you need to go to several different biomes to create. Everything in the game to this point had taught me that there was an order to the biomes, so it didn't occur to me to do it out of order. Maybe some sort of hint suggesting that you explore other areas before fighting Bonemass would be good.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m5uy9i/id_like_a_more_consistent_experience_possible/

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