Idea for new merchant item: binoculars

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Whenever I am exploring new parts of the map, I am a bit annoyed by the relatively small radius in which the map is uncovered on the minimap. This is especially true for the exploration of the coast line from the ship.

Now I do not know if this radius has been set this small on purpose, or if it will be increased anyhow in the future. However I do know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Anyhow, my idea is to have a new item sold by the merchant that increases (e.g. doubles) the "uncover radius" on the minimap, once equiped – like e.g. a set of binoculars. It would take the equipment spot currently used by the wishbone or Megingjord belt, so you would have to chose which one you want to use. I do not feel that this new item would be completely messing with the Viking style of the game, considering the availability of a headlamp at the merchant…

I have checked this reddit, but could not find this item idea published before -please let me know if this is the case… otherwise, please let me know your thoughts on my idea! Cheers!


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