Idea: play on past players’ ruined and decayed worlds

I’ve had this idea for a while that could make world exploration much more interesting/rewarding, basically it would work something like this:

Upon defeating the final boss, you are given the option of uploading your world for other players to play on, including all the structures you’ve built, terrain modifications, etc.

However, it’s not an exact copy that would be used, but rather a ruined version as though thousands of years have passed since the original player was there. The game’s procedural generation system could be used to remove pieces from structures and turn them into ruins, just like it does with those already in the game. Any form of perishable items disappear from chests, and non-perishables are maybe given a random chance of staying or being deleted.

Ruins would be far more interesting and varied, and it’d be awesome to try and piece together the original player’s journey from their abandoned shelters. Imagine the feeling you’d get when stumbling upon a ruined late-stage base that you can tell somewhat put many hours into perfecting, exploring its rooms and features, and seeing what loot you may be able to recover from its chests.

People would also be more motivated to build grand structures and monuments, as there’s the possibility some other player may discover a cool ruined version of it. Picture just randomly encountering one of those massive tribute statues people post here while exploring your world.

Obviously you’d have the choice when creating a new world to start with a fresh seed or use a randomly selected player’s ruined world – in fact maybe they’d be considered different game modes



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