Idea – tranquilizer darts

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The post that spawned this idea comes from /u/Andy22998 here ( so I cannot claim any credit for original thought.

With that endorsement out the way, here is the idea fleshed out a bit:

If tranquilizer darts were added to the game it could open up a few nice ideas:

  • Creatures would all have a consciousness bar which would vary depending on their size and / or strength.
  • Hitting any creature with a tranquilizer dart would affect their consciousness and perhaps slow them down after it falls below a certain level.
  • If the consciousness bar hits zero the creature is downed and sedated for a period of time. During that time they cannot be harmed.
    • For taming creatures this time could be used to drag them into pens or pits. Drag speed would be influenced by their bulk.
    • For other creatures this time could be used to flee. Or mess with them. Harpooning a sedated Fuling Berserker and dragging him out to sea is quite appealing after all.

Perhaps the tranquilizer darts would be fired via a new blowpipe rather than from a bow. The usual factors that affect power and accuracy can apply to blowpipe upgrades. I'm not sure where the sedative for the darts could come from but I'm sure someone smarter than me can work that out.


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