Ideas for future content and quality of life increases.

Walheim - five bosses

Hello fellow Vikings, I like this game, a lot, and have kept a running list of ideas that would come to me during gameplay that would make some things smoother and allow for future content to expand upon as I strongly believe this game has a very long and bright future ahead of it. I have seen a few of these posted already and would love to hear what else you guys think.

  • Resource piles within a crafting table radius should count as usable materials, also ideally we could make special wood/ingot stacks

  • Shield bash – a light attack (LMB) while holding block (RMB) with a shield equipped does a bash that knocks back and stuns, scales with shield quality

  • More fauna – bears for danger, horses for carts and riding, chickens for company. Maybe even biome specific variants, i.e. black bears and hens in meadows, grizzlys and roosters in black forest, polar bears and some kind of arctic chicken in mountains/far north, etc

  • Horse armor, saddle, and tack with limited inventory space (if horses)

  • A lead or leash to wrangle tamed animals into their homes or transport them on boats

  • Pet neck – pls let me put him on a leash

  • Personal inventory for armor/trinkets – I like bag space, pls give bags pace

  • Backpack or satchel – a couple tiers of bags that offer maybe another column or row of space, can be set down and picked up by other players. Also a quiver for arrows

  • An add all option for furnace/smelter, as well as an option to upgrade their capacity or speed. Naturally it would be more expensive to upgrade than just making multiples

  • A spyglass for spying

  • Anchors for boats – would be nice to have a parking brake without having to jump ship

  • Oars – have it be a craftable tool, crafted from core and fine up to ancient, anyone not manning the rudder can sit on the karve or longship seat and row, using stamina and giving a slight speed boost

  • Ship upgrades – I'm thinking a single upgrade module for karve and 2 or 3 for the longship, something like reinforced hull for +hp, bigger sails for +speed chevron, additional storage space, a birdcage for wider area of fog revealed, harpoon attachment points, a net for catching fish, additional ladder points, skids to cross frozen sections of water, item racks to hang shields and weapons, etc

  • Would be cool if we could name our ship and have it be visible on the map

  • Visible upgrades on arms/armor/boats – nothing fancy, maybe a slight change in tone and minor embellishments to show it is of a higher quality

  • Share and compare map reveal and markers with friends via a station or something

  • Craftable bait for even bigger fish, fishing pole upgrades to reduce stamina usage or both for the ability to fish in deep sea for larger, and potentially dangerous fish

  • Some kind of gold sink, maybe special mead starts or mid tier food that makes you run/swim faster, fish easier, build with reduced stam cost, or some special buff you can't get for free but isn't so good it's required. Or food that can tame animals faster, special arrows, cloaks, dyes if armor customization becomes a thing, etc

  • Spear rebalancing – the reach is far too short and the angle makes hitting anything on a slightly slightly lower elevation impossible, plus the overarm animation makes me think I can strike from behind a friend's shield but I cannot

  • Axe special attack – just a simple downward swing for extra damage and more importantly kill stumps

  • Mining feels inconsistent – often I find that the ground acts in upsetting, non-Euclidian ways when I want to just dig out a trench. I don't know how to fix it

That's all I have for now, please feel free to share your ideas!


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